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100 heavy trucks, 45 crews, 0 projects we can’t handle

From regular maintenance to comprehensive rehabilitation, Envirowaste provides the full range of field services, personnel and expertise to meet our clients’ needs in storm and wastewater system integrity and compliance.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

EWSG has been providing municipalities with sewer and drain cleaning services since 1998. EWSG uses advanced storm drain cleaning equipment to serve your maintenance and emergency needs.

Envirowaste’s fleet of Jet/Vac trucks are specially designed to restore your system to optimal condition. Our trucks come equipped with a high-pressure jetter to clean pipe walls, and a powerful vacuum to remove associated debris and blockage, maximizing service flow. EWSG also provides root cutting and grease removal services without corrosive chemicals. EWSG regularly cleans more than 4,000,000 (four million) linear feet of pipe per year and has a dedicated fleet of more than 40 heavy Jet/Vac trucks.

CCTV/Video Inspection

EWSG’s CCTV (closed-circuit television) inspection uses custom controlled cameras to locate, inspect and document defects and other damage within storm and wastewater pipes. Our remote-controlled cameras operate on a variety of sleds, tracks, and wheels to allow for quality video recording of various pipe types, materials, and sizes. EWSG regularly TVs more than 4,000,000 linear feet of pipe per year with a dedicated TV fleet of more than 25 vehicles, and supports video formatting for all of the most popular platforms including Cues, IST, RST, Aries, and Envirosight.

Inflow and Infiltration Studies

Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) studies are an essential part of assessing a municipal or private sewer system’s integrity and often serve as the starting point for real progress in environmental compliance. EWSG has extensive experience and expertise in I&I studies and has successfully completed more than 20 large scale studies for clients in the last several years alone.

I&I studies generally include but are not limited to Smoke Testing, Flow Monitoring, and Video Inspection services. EWSG has the resources to perform and expertise to plan, I&I studies, including in all of the above-referenced services. Allow our technical experts to help you develop a plan that meets the scope and budget demands for your system.

Point Repair (Trenchless and Open Cut)

EWSG currently is under contract to perform open cut and trenchless point repairs for more than a dozen municipal clients. In 2018 alone, EWSG performed more than 250 open cut repairs in defective storm and wastewater lines and has three full-time crews dedicated to open cut work. Our experienced crews routinely perform point repairs at depths beyond 20 feet, and self-perform well point, by-pass, and other support activities for repairs below the water table.

EWSG also performs trenchless “sectional” line repairs and is a certified installer for the major sectional lining kit providers in the Southeast. EWSG employs specially trained and dedicated trenchless repair crews to ensure proper technique and a quality installation every time.

Manhole Rehabilitation & Replacement

EWSG regularly performs an array of manhole rehabilitation services including repair, recoating, and when required, replacement. We are certified installers and applicators for the major coating manufacturers and suppliers in the Southeast and can perform both spin-casting and trowel-on coating of calcium aluminate, cementitious and epoxy type coatings.

Line Repair (Grouting and Sealing)

EWSG has over 25 years experience in chemical grouting and sealing of sewer pipes and structures, and is an authorized installer for the leading chemical grout manufacturers. The company also has a large fleet of grout trucks available to support clients on a regularly scheduled or emergency basis.

CIPP Lining

EWSG has become a recognized leader in storm and sewer CIPP lining for a wide range of municipal clients, and maintains full-time dedicated crews for this specialized work.

Laser Profiling & Pipe Correction

Many of the nation’s leading general contractors and other new pipe installers rely on EWSG for final inspection services on newly installed pipe. EWSG assists in the final assessment of pipe and can readily provide laser profiling, pipe correction, and other trenchless services to assist in pipe verification and conformity.

Emergency Response

EWSG maintains active emergency response and support contracts for more than a half dozen municipalities in Florida. Because of the scale and resources of our fleet, we are able to meet even rigorous demand response times with the proper equipment. To better support our clients, EWSG frequently responds to emergency requests well in excess of our contractual obligations.

EWSG maintains one of the largest fleets of heavy equipment in the Southeast US, including more than 40 Jet/Vac Trucks and 20 Pump Trucks in Florida alone. Our Pump Trucks have minimum capacity in excess of 4000 gallons.

Hurricane & Disaster Clean Up

EWSG has a proud history of supporting disaster relief efforts related to hurricane activity and other natural disaster events. In 2018, EWSG was privileged to provide emergency support services to the City of Fayetteville, NC., providing much-needed resources as flooding endangered the city after Hurricane Florence. EWSG was also instrumental in the clean-up effort after Hurricane Irma, providing support services to more than eight different municipalities over the two-month period following its landfall in September of 2017.

WWTP Tank Cleaning

EWSG provides specialty and cost-effective tank cleaning services to WWTP and related facilities throughout the Southeast US and has experienced teams dedicated to tank cleaning services. EWSG has worked in a wide variety of tank types including sediment tanks, digesters, aerators and other structures. The company’s highly flexible teams work closely with clients to coordinate cleaning schedules and minimize downtime for facility operations.

Pond Cleaning & Sediment Removal

EWSG regularly performs pond cleaning and sediment removal services for many municipal clients throughout Florida. These maintenance services provide a cost-effective solution for extending pond and outfall structure life cycles while improving the efficacy of these systems.

Consultation Services

EWSG has more than 20 years experience in service, support and consultation to the storm and wastewater infrastructure industry, and can provide much needed technical and operational expertise to support our clients’ needs. EWSG enjoys serving as an extension of our clients’ own resources to meet the varying demands of infrastructure support.